The League of Lamentable Stakeholders!

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In the Season 1 Finale of the Project Pundits Unplugged Pod the guys put on their detective gear and investigate The League of Lamentable Stakeholders. That’s right, Braden and Jim discuss how to mitigate the disruptive superpowers of 4 key lamentable stakeholders that all project managers (and really anyone who works in corporate America) face in their daily duties. They discuss The Naysayer, The Whatabouter, The Punching Bag, and of course The MBA. Watch for the visuals (and amazing AI generated graphics and audio), listen for in-depth knowledge (and humor), and send donations in case they get cancelled… It’s all riding on this episode, the team is banking on your support going into Season 2 of the PPU Pod to battle another set of party pooping serially sucky stakeholders – will you put on your fedoras, join the battle, and forward this episode to your all your colleagues, friends, frenemies, and family? Or will you enable the Lamentables to continue to wreak havoc? The choice is yours…

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