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The F’ing PMO…

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About this Episode:

There was no way around it, the topic of PMOs had to be discussed… In this episode Braden and Jim talk about Project Management Offices, what they are, how they are structured, what makes them successful, and what sometimes makes them become black holes sucking the life, and the money, out of organizations.

Episode Timeline:


In today’s episode…


Episode Introduction & Overview


Where the F’ing PMO Came From


What the What – Defining the Project Management Office


The Transparency Paradox


Braden’s Mother


If You Build It, They Will Come – Different Ways to Structure a PMO


Make it Happen Captain – Success Factors in Setting up a PMO


Be Careful Hiring Process Wonks!


Crawl – Walk – Run

Show Notes:

  • Understand the culture of your organization and take that into account when deciding to implement and rollout a PMO
  • Consider structuring the PMO to be as least disruptive as possible.
  • PMO Models can be heavily centralized or can be more like a Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Business Analysis, Project Testing, Solution Architecture, Systems Analysis and other functions can also be managed under a PMO
  • PMOs sometimes take on the role of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), although that’s typically a separate function
  • Crawl – Walk – Run when rolling out a PMO


No special guests were featured in today’s episode.