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In the first episode of the second season of the extremely engaging, highly recommended, overwhelmingly entertaining, very close to award-winning Project Pundits Unplugged Pod Braden and Jim talk about jobs. Yes, jobs. Jim talks about a recent experience posting 1 Job and getting over 1,000 applicants in just 6 days… And how weird the job market is as compared to the health of the overall economy. The guys cover refreshers on applying for jobs on LinkedIn, resume dos and don’ts, and why, unfortunately, even if you get it all right it may not matter. They get into what you really need to do to find and land your next position.

Episode Timeline:


Cold Open




1 Job, 6 Days, 1,000 Applicants Story


Be Conscious of Oversharing & Over-selling


Tune/Flavor Your Resume for What You Seek


Remove Outdated or Irrelevant Experience


Be 100% Sure Your Resume has no Mistakes


Resume Length


Be sure Your Resume & LinkedIn Match


Have Peers Objectively Review Your Resume


Men vs. Women – Don’t Oversell or Undersell Yourself


Submitting Resumes is Like Playing the Lottery


Use Your Network


Your Network is Everyone in Your World


Consider Broadening Roles You’d Consider


Consider Joining a Cult (Get Education & Certifications in Downtime)



Show Notes:

Links to Info Referenced in Episode:

How Women Undersell Their Work – Harvard Business Review – December 20, 2019
Many factors contribute to the gender disparities in academia. Productivity differences, however, cannot account for them. Instead, research suggests that women receive less recognition than men for equivalent accomplishments. Just why they receive less attention has been an open question. A new study focusing on the life sciences examined whether women and men differ in the degree to which they promote – or spin – their accomplishments by using positive terms like “novel,” “unique,” or “unprecedented” when describing their research. Researchers document that women use fewer of these positive adjectives in research articles. These differences in presentation, in turn, appear to influence the amount of attention that their articles receive.

Women undersell themselves on resumes, report finds – HR Dive – March 14, 2019

Women less inclined to self-promote than men, even for a job – The Harvard Gazette – February 7, 2020
Study finds female workers’ deep discomfort over touting skills, experience adds to gender gap in promotions, pay

5 common résumé mistakes female applicants should keep an eye on – Fast Company – February 22, 2021

Selling yourself is a delicate art, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with confidence and strong language.





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